The Top 3 Scientists Who Will Be Remembered Till The End Of The World!


There are a lot of scientists who made significant contributions to the society and paved the way for the growth of science and technology. All of us will have our favorite scientist. But there are few, who the world unanimously loved and adored. Let us see who these top 3 scientists are.

#3. Sir Isaac Newton:

If I were to divide the whole of history into three great portions, the beginning, the medieval and the modern, Eve for the beginning, Jobs for the modern and the only person in the middle ages to have taken the word ‘apple’ to yet another level was Newton. So any given day, Newton would be my favorite scientist. Newton wasn’t some random guy who took shelter under trees and finally one fortunate turned into a scientist when the apple hit his head. Newton was a qualified physicist and a mathematician himself, that’s what made him think in the first place, the story behind the fallen apple. He has contributed a lot to the fields of science and mathematics.

#2. Albert Einstein:

Einstein is hailed as the ‘Man of the Century’ by many people. No other human on earth could have envisioned science the way he did it. Due to the endless application of Einstein’s theory of relativity and the renowned equation e=mc2, he is regarded as the Father of Modern Physics. Einstein is an average student, but he exceedingly performed well in math. The unknown face of this great legend is that he was a fantastic musician. With a small sign of affirmation, he could have become the President of Israel, but Einstein declined it. A lot of scientific reports prove that his brain was 15% larger than that of an average human being. No wonder his brain was stolen and was kept hidden for almost 40 years.

#1. Nikola Tesla:

Tesla was one of the brilliant minds of the history but never reached the crescendo because of his inability to put things forth on the public platform, or maybe he didn’t want to. Most of the greatest inventions of the history had something to do with Tesla. This includes the radio, X-Rays, Radar and even the theory of AC current for which Einstein was credited. Most of Tesla’s inventions and theories never came out. Tesla was actually the coolest geek of his time. He almost knew everything about science and technology. Tesla had eidetic memory he could simply read a 15-pages essay and narrate what it said. Remote control, neon lighting, modern electric monitor and earthquake machine are some of his greatest contributions to science.